NCE provides a wide variety of services and products to meet the varied needs of our customers. Our goal is to execute innovation and assist our customers to meet their goals. The following are examples of the types of services the company provides to Government and Industry:

Consulting Services:  Expertise in Business Development, Program Management, Risk Management, Financial Management, and Contracting with the DOD.

Aerial Systems & Operations:   Effectiveness & Suitability Analysis and Evaluation, CONOP development, Mission Capability Assessments flight testing, certification, training and operations including sensors to find the enemy thru weapons to finish them including sensors find the enemy to weapons to finish them.

Infrastructure Products & Support: NCE provides business and management services that include electronic form development and training as well as DCAA approved accounting and management systems/processes, and IT system support. NCE also parents a concrete company for residential and commercial products in the South East US.

Competency Professionals:  Trained and experienced professional subject matter experts are available in diverse competencies for specific customer project needs.  (Avionics, Unmanned Systems, Operational Concept Design & Analysis, Research, Development, Test & Evaluation).

Engineering & Technical Support:  Experienced professional staff for the development of performance based requirements and specifications to guide emerging technologies into successful transition to the Warfighter. System testing capabilities include system performance and characterization thru mission effectiveness and suitability assessments.

Program & Project Management:  Highly motivated managers capable of envisioning entire projects and successfully executing the project objectives in accordance with prescribed scope, schedule, and budget.

Contract Administration:  Providing experienced acquisition staff in the solicitation and execution of BAAs, STTRs, and SBIRs supporting DOD Science & Technology efforts.  Experiences include, but are not limited to, development of Performance Work Statements, technical evaluations of proposals, development and tracking of CDRLs and other deliverables.

Operational Performance Improvement:  Highly effective improvement team leadership and mentoring as well as a suite of proven tools for identifying operational, quality, and safety problems, determining actual root cause, and structuring effective solutions.  

Risk & Safety Assessment:  Proven proactive and reactive risk and safety assessment strategies, holistic safety information and reporting systems, and just culture and safety culture development.

Studies and Analysis:  NCE experts focus on a capabilities approach to mission success. Research and subject matter expertise help baseline current capabilities and clarify needs/objectives. A thorough understanding of technology options, risks and cost/schedule trades assist decision makers in meaningful and effective capability growth and change.