NCE is on duty at “0dark30” to deliver innovative Engineering, Business Development, Project Management, and Instructional products and services for Government & Industry.
We execute innovation at a fair price while giving our employees the opportunity to excel to their full potential in an understanding, growth-oriented environment. Our team is broadly experienced, focused on technology, operations, and government/commercial processes.

Research & Development: to include advanced Technology Concepts of Operation and requirements definition
Aircraft design, modifications, and certification.
Advanced sensors, weapons, materials, and electronic technologies
Program Management: to include planning, earned-value and risk management
Flight Operations, training, Test Support, and safety enhancement concepts
Defense Acquisition and Business Development

NCE brings a nationwide presence enabled with a virtual toolkit that includes online collaborative tools and DCAA approved time and expense tracking. Coupled with low corporate overhead and flexible contract vehicles, NCE stands ready to provide our services and products at very competitive rates. 

Game Changing @ 0 Dark 30

NCE focuses on new technology and its operation to provide mission ready solutions and success.